Taking care of our local and global environment

Henbart takes a hands-on, leadership approach to environmental sustainability through our choice of acquisitions, green development and strategic energy management.


We acquire, develop and manage properties in urban and transit oriented areas – supporting our state’s growth management goals.

Energy Performance Benchmarks

We have adopted building energy performance benchmarks for all our properties. Our property managers are trained in creating monthly energy performance reports that help us track energy consumption and develop performance benchmarks.


We go the extra mile to ensure that our engineering managers and property managers receive additional training through certified programs to be hands-on advisors and advocates for strategic energy management.

Building Improvements

We are a long-term hold investor with properties that have been in our portfolio for almost a century. We plan for building upgrades and are continually reviewing the latest advances in engineering systems, meeting with experts and implement sustainability practices that ease the burden of tenant costs while supporting our environmental stewardship goals. This can include but not limited to:

  • Building energy performance benchmarks
  • Implementing control system upgrades
  • Refining HVAC system operations
  • Creating case studies which demonstrate the value of sustainability with a focus on the use of building benchmarking tool, green leasing and building scoping for small firms
  • Becoming involved with BOMA Kilowatt Crackdown, City of Seattle’s Climate Action Challenge
  • Focusing on opportunities to integrate energy management into the due diligence process
  • At Henbart, we work together with our property managers and tenants to provide efficient, sustainable buildings to serve our Northwest neighbors.