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parque kirkland

Parque Kirkland 2022 AGC Build Washington Award Recipient

Parque Kirkland is a high-tech, high-end mixed-use project with forward-thinking features throughout. The 151,454-square-foot LEED Gold project includes 70 luxury apartments, shared amenities, and 17,613 square feet of retail. Parque is the first mixed-use project to utilize electrochromic glazing on all exterior windows. Residents can reduce energy usage and heat loss by controlling the tint level of their windows via a smartphone app. A central grand staircase is visible through the five-story curtain wall, connecting the street to a rooftop terrace and acting as a focal point for the project. A stacking automated parking system, also con-trolled by smartphone, accommodates parking for the building. Unique amenities include a grotto and wine bar area designed by Dillon Works, and a rooftop amenity space with elec-trochromic glass that can convert to television screens on demand. Like other projects for this developer, the focus is on high-quality materials, sustainability and lasting design.

Location: Kirkland
General contractor: W.G. Clark Construction

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