Our Philosophy - Lasting Value

At Henbart our real estate perspective is over decades, not years. With almost a century of significant holdings in the Pacific Northwest, our investment and operating philosophy is grounded in the belief that quality development and management can add value to a neighborhood or the greater community.

Our investment approach is to look for new projects that complement our existing portfolio and align with our tradition of well-funded real estate acquisition and development. We take a multi-generational approach which enables us to deliver projects with lasting value.

With the ability to hold assets for the long-term, we continually maintain and improve our properties to increase their value. Providing quality tenant services and a high level of customer service has become our hallmark. Our proven team of commercial real estate professionals are hands-on and involved in the little things that make a big difference in property management. We have a proven record of providing development and asset management services that deliver quality customer service.

Please contact us about potential property investment opportunities or for additional information about any of our residential, office or commercial properties.


A tradition of real estate expertise

Henbart offers a century of experience in the acquisition and development of real estate. Our success is measured by the quality of our real estate assets.


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